Bhagyaraj resigns from writers' assn slams Murugadoss

Bhagyaraj resigns from writers’ assn, slams Murugadoss

Writer and director K Bhagyaraj today resigned from his post as the President of the South Indian Film Writers’ Association (SWAN), following the Sarkar issue.

This comes following massive criticism from Vijay fans over his stand on the recent Sarkar plagiarism issue.

Bhagyaraj was under attack from the cine-goers for allegedly revealing the complete story of Sarkar, while giving a clarification about the plagiarism issue. It is believed that he was also hurt by the way media covered the entire episode. Hence, he has stepped down from his position.

In a statement, he hit out at Sarkar director A R Murugadoss. He said it was only because of Murugadoss he was forced to reveal the story. He also apologised to Sun Pictures for his act.

Bhagyaraj said he became the president of the union by unanimous consensus of all members, without any direct elections or contest among members of the union.

“I took oath and resolved to discharge my duties sincerely and conscientiously. Since then, things have been running smooth,” he said.

Bhagyaraj said that when the Sarkar controversy broke and the Writers’ Union was involved deeply, he faced some difficulties in resolving the issue.

He said he believes that some of the problems cropped up due to the fact that he did not contest an internal election at the Union, and therefore believes it is the right thing for him to step down now.

His son and actor Shanthnu tweeted: “I still don’t know why the press is twisting the statement appa gave ! This is ethically wrong ! APPA HAS NOT GIVEN ANY FURTHER STATEMENT ON THE CLAIM OF STORY AND SCREENPLAY RIGHTS ! PLS DONT MANIPULATE FOR SAKE OF NEWS! #SarkarStoryIssue #KBhagyaraj.”