Bhagyaraj faces action from Women Commission for controversial comments

The Andhra Pradesh Women Commission has recommended Tamil Nadu Women Commission to take action against actor-filmmaker K Bhagyaraj for his recent objectionable comments against women.

Speaking at the audio launch of Karuthukalai Pathivu Sei which is reportedly based on the Pollachi sexual assault case, Bhagyaraj stated that boys are not the only ones responsible and that girls also have a weakness and that women create a situation that allows mistakes to happen.

Bhagyaraj said that it is the woman who allows a man to commit a wrong.  “Those days, there were certain restrictions on women. But with the inception of the telephone, those restrictions have come down. Women used to behave within limits and were restrained. It pains me to say this, but then, we find women whispering into their cell phones everywhere, even on roads. What they would talk, I wonder.”

He added that the crimes against women would gradually come down if women are within limits. He also blamed rape survivors by quoting a Tamil proverb, ‘Oosi idam kudukaama nool nozhayadhu (the thread won’t enter if the needle doesn’t give it space to do so).’

The Mundhanai Mudichu and Idhu Namma Aal said  said that women were equally responsible for sexual crimes committed against them.  Bhagyaraj said, “Women create a situation that allows mistakes to happen. Things will be alright if you (women) behave correctly. You can’t always only blame boys.”

His remarks were met with applause and cheer from the audience. Karuthukalai Pathivu Sei is based on the infamous Pollachi sexual harassment case, where a gang of men had allegedly tried to strip a woman in a car, and then attempted to shoot a video of her. They also blackmailed her with the visuals, demanding money.

“Bhagyaraj should not have spoken like that”, said well-known actor S Ve Sekar, who was also present at that film function. Such talk could convey wrong message across the society, said the former MLA of Mylapore.

Journalist Megha Kaveri tweeted: “Another version of pOmBaLa PoMbALaYa iRuKkaNuM. Seriously foot-in-mouth disease only.”