Ball catch game that took place all night at Bigg Boss house

Contestants of Bigg Boss 4 were given a different task in yesterday’s episode. The task title B for Ball, C for Catch was setup in the garden area of the house. Points were awarded based on the size of the ball.
To ensure that there is no conflict between the two team Balaji drew a line inbetween with a tape. The game began with both the team agreeing to play it fair and square.
However the partition which was supposed to stop conflict became the starting point of a fight. Both teams started pinpointing each other. In the first round the contestants concentrated only on catching the balls as points were awarded only to the balls that were caught.
However in the second round it was said that points will be given even to the balls on the ground. Even in this round the contestants agreed to pick the balls that fell on their side.
However, arguments began Som and Aari. Som accused Aari of taking the ball from his side. But Aari defended by saying that he did not pick the ball but was just standing there. However, this argument came to an end as Somu said it was wrong of him to have asked the question. Bigg Boss announced that the task will be played all night long. Following this the contestants stayed in the garden area itself.