Bag with suspected explosives found at Delhi airport, fire alarm in Chennai flight

An unattended bag triggered panic on Friday at the Delhi airport on the suspicion of containing RDX, but officials later said it was claimed by a passenger who had forgotten it outside the Terminal-3.

According to officials, the bag contained a laptop, its charger, some toys and clothes and there was no RDX or any other explosive in the bag, which was opened in the presence of the claimant.

Meanwhile, an  IndiGo flight had to return to Chennai soon after take off on Friday. The flight, 6E-1751 took off from Chennai for Kuwait City. “Soon after getting airborne, pilots got cargo smoke warning on the aircraft (VT-IJJ) which had over 160 people on board. They declared full emergency and landed back safely in Chennai within minutes of taking off off from there,” said a senior official probing this incident.

“IndiGo aircraft VT-IJJ departed for Kuwait at 1.30 am and was forced to turn back due to cargo smoke warning. After noticing the alarm, pilots declared a full emergency and landed the flight safely at Chennai airport by 2 AM,” said officials familiar with the developments.

An inspection was carried out after the passengers were deplaned from the Airbus A320 model aircraft and the alarm was found to have gone off erroneously. On inspection, it was revealed that the fire alarm was because of faulty smoke detectors in the cargo compartment. The matter was reported to Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

The budget carrier passengers were accommodated in another aircraft and which left for Kuwait about 4.30 a.m. According to the airline, the pilot noticed the smoke alarm going off in the cargo compartment and as a precaution decided to return to Chennai.

According to a spokesperson of the airline, “IndiGo A320 was operating Chennai-Kuwait 6E-1751. After take-off from Chennai, the pilot observed a momentary message of the smoke detector in the aft cargo compartment.”

The spokesperson added: “As a precaution, the pilot returned to Chennai. After arrival it was confirmed that the message was false. The aircraft will be back in operations shortly. Alternate arrangements for all the passengers were made,”