Baba Black Sheep movie review


Two higher secondary schools are run by renowned educationist Suresh Chakravarthy.

The first is a boys’ school, whereas the second is a coeducational school.

Although they are operated on the same place, the two schools are divided by a wall.

Subbu Panchu and Malar Kannan, Suresh Chakravarthy’s sons, decide to put their differences aside after his passing and merge the schools to operate as a single entity.

As a result, classes are required to be attended by students from both institutions.

Conflict arises between two groups of Class XI pupils as a result of the migration.

Five boys make up each set, and they quarrel about who gets to sit in the final row in the combined classroom.

What begins as a small quarrel leads to big fight. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Directed by Rajmohan, the movie is about a group of school students, the ego clashes between them and how they get reformed after going through some tough incidents in the society.

The first half of the film is entirely filled with gags and pop culture references which are funny in parts.

The film starts off as a film for the 2K kids, and it certainly targets the same audience.

The performances from the cast are all neat, with Ayaz and Ammu Abhirami making a good impact, and RJ Vigneshkanth striking some fine jokes.

The film also has the presence of many well known seasoned actors and makes good use of them.

Songs by Santhosh Dhayanidhi could have been better. Cinematography by Sudarshan Srinivasan is pleasing.

Rating: 3.2/5