Baaram Movie Review

Critic Rating: 3/5


Karuppasamy (R Raju) is an elderly man, who works as a security guard. He lives with his sister (Jayalakshmi) and her three sons.

Though his nephews are affectionate towards him, his son Senthil (SuPa Muthukumar) is unloving. One day, Karuppasamy meets with an accident and becomes bedridden.

He is forced to stay with his son. A few days after that, he passes away. However at the funeral, suspicions are raised that Karuppasamy was murdered.

Veera (Sugumar Shanmugam), one of his nephews, is keen to know what happened to his ‘mama’. Was it a natural death or was Karuppasamy killed by someone?


Directed by Priya Krishnaswamy, Baaram throws light on the plight of elderly people, especially those who suffer a lot from their family members.

Raju, Jayalakshmi, Muthukumar and Sugumar Shanmugam have performed well and done justice to their respective characters.

Cinematography aptly compliments the mood of the movie, while Priya’s narration gives us a documentary feel. Her homework to get things right needs to be lauded.

On the whole, Baaram is a much needed film that carries an important message to the society. Had there been more emotions, audience could have attached themselves more to the film.

Baaram : Old woes