Ayngaran movie review


G V Prakash is a mechanical engineer and an innovator. He tries to sell one of his projects but gets rejected repeatedly.

After several failures, he sets up a poultry farm along with his friend Kaali Venkat.

He soon finds about a mysterious activity which takes place in the farm and shares it on social media making it viral.

Meanwhile, GVP crosses path with a six member gang that steals diamond from the city. There is also an incident where a four year old girl falls into a hole dug for a borewell.

How does GVP gets involved in this, was he able to solve the problem with the farm house owner and what happens with the thieves forms the rest of the story.


GV Prakash is good in the role and looks matured as an middle class youngster.

He has delivered a natural performance as a youngster who dreams to achieve something big.

Mahima Nambiar does not have much to do and is functional.

Rest of the cast including Kaali Venkat, Harish Paredi, Aadukalam Naren have all done their part well.

Director Ravi Arasu has took up an interesting plot and has delivered it convincingly.

The confidence that the director has on the script is reflected on screen.

GV Prakash’s BGM is one of the major strengths of the movie.

Saravanan Abhimanyu’s camerawork is good. Raja Mohammed’s editing is crisp.

Rating: 3.5/5