Available on Jio.com & MyJio.

Q1. What if the JioFiber free basic broadband offer?
Ans. Keeping in mind the lockdown due to Covid-19, we, at Jio, want to ensure everyone stays connected while at home. To further this, Jio will provide
Basic JioFiber broadband connectivity (10 Mbps with unlimited internet (100GB at high speed, thereafter unlimited at 1 Mbps), wherever it is
geographically feasible, without any service charges, for a period of 30 days.
Jio will also provide a home gateway at a nominal Security Deposit of ₹1500/- and Installation charge of ₹1000/-
Q2. What happens when I consume the 100 GB data, does my service stop?
Ans. No, you can continue to use unlimited internet post 100GB at 10 Mbps. The speed for this unlimited internet will be 1 Mbps, which is enough to run
even videos on a device.
Q3. What all service are part of this offer?
Ans. This service provides basic broadband without any service charge
Q4. Can I make Voice calls after doing a JioFiber recharge?
Ans. Yes, to use voice or any other services such as apps, video calling, TV calling and conferencing, games, etc. you can do any Jio recharge starting Bronze
and start using the service of your choice.
You may also do a recharge to upgrade to the plan or speed of your choice.
Q5. Is this also available as a recharge?
Ans. No, this is only for new customers
Q6. How do I get higher speed with this connection?
Ans. This plan comes with a speed of 10 Mbps. For higher speed you will have to opt for other recharges available on Jio.com & MyJio.

Plan Benefits
Data – 100 GB @ 10 Mbps, thereafter unlimited at 1 Mbps
Devices (ONT) – Available