August 16, 1947 movie review


Gautham Karthik is a petty thief and an orphan in a village which is headed by Richard Ashton and his son, Jason Shah.

While Richard tortures the villagers physically, Jason yanks away the young women to rape them.

Meanwhile, a zamindar and his family keep their daughter Revathy Sharma hidden so Jason doesn’t set eyes on her.

What happens in the village days and hours before India finally attain independence forms the story.


Director NS Ponkumar’s August 16, 1947, has an interesting plot and has ample scope for emotions.

Apart from showing the struggles of the people during the pre Independent era, Ponkumar has also added a few subplots to make the proceedings interesting.

Gautham Karthik delivers an earnest performance and does complete justice to his character.

Pugazh as his friend gets to play a serious character and shines in it as well.

Revathy Sharma delivers a neat performance and makes an impressive debut.

Rest of the cast have also done their part well.  Cinematographer SK Selvakumar’s work is impeccable and adds more authenticity to the theme of the film.

Sean Roldan’s music gels well with the movie.

Rating: 3.3/5