Athi Varadar gives darshan in ‘ninra thirukolam’, devotees throng Kanchi in large numbers

From this morning, Lord Athi Varadar of Kanchipuram gave darshan to devotees in standing pose (Nninra thirukkolam), after 31 days of reclining (Sayanam) posture.

Devotees poured in to the temple town from all over the country to witness the divine delight. The doors of Vasantha Mandapam, where the deity had been placed for worship all these days, were closed at 5 pm on Wednesday.

The administration provided prior notice to the public about the closure of darshan during the change of posture. The doors were opened at five in the morning to resume darshan.

The Almighty’s idol was taken out of the Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple tank on July 1 for public worship through 48 days before immersion on August 17.

According to sources, around lakh devotees have visited the temple for a darshan of the wooden idol of Varadaraja Perumal, popularly known as Athi Varadar, which is taken out of the temple tank once every 40 years and displayed for 48 days. It has been attracting devotees since July 1.

The numbers are expected to go up as the idol is moved to a standing position from today. Recently, the Madras High Court efrained from deciding whether Athi Varadar, a fig wood idol of Lord Varadaraja Perumal taken out of the Devarajaswamy temple tank, Anantasaras, in Kancheepuram once in 40 years and kept for worship on the temple premises for 48 days was only a guest or could he also be considered as a Moolavar (main deity).

A Division Bench of Justices S. Manikumar and Subramonium Prasad refused to delve deep into the issue while dismissing a public interest litigation petition which questioned the decision taken by the temple management to prevent devotees from worshipping Devarajaswamy and other idols in order to control the crowd thronging to worship Athi Varadar.