Astrology and survey report forced Rajini to rethink his political decision?

Superstar Rajinikanth on Thursday hinted at a rethink on joining electoral politics and said he would announce his stand at an “appropriate time” amid speculation triggered by a letter that many believed was written by him and leaked.

“The letter is not mine but the information on my health and doctors’ advice is true,” Rajinikanth said in a statement.

Meanwhile, some sources say astrology and survey reports too are behind his decision. It is said that while astrology was not in favour of his political entry, a survey report too advised him not to take the plunge.

“I shall discuss with Rajini Makkal Mandram and shall announce my political stand at an appropriate time,” said the 69-year-old actor, who has weighed in on various political issues in the past two years.

In a statement put out on his official social media handles, Rajini has said that while the “statement” is fake, what is stated about his health is true. “A letter appearing to be my statement is being shared virally on social media and in the press. Everyone knows that it is not my statement.

Nevertheless, the stuff about my health and my doctor’s advice to me are all true. I will make an announcement regarding my political stand to the people regarding this at the right time after consulting with my Rajini Makkal Mandram members,” reads his clarification issued on Thursday.

As per the rumoured letter that has gone viral on whatsapp groups, Rajinikanth may not enter politics and that he would make his final decision by December.

“I do not fear for my life. I am more concerned about people’s welfare. To usher in the political change I had promised, I have to plunge actively into the political field: Midway through if my health deteriorates; it could pose fresh challenges to the political process itself. If I am to take the plunge. I have to launch it (political party) before January 15 and reveal my decision in December itself. I leave it to my fans and the people to decide what I should do, based on the then prevailing situation. People’s judgement is God’s judgement, Jai Hind,” is the message doing the rounds.