Assembly passes resolution on renaming Madras HC as TN HC

Assembly passes resolution on renaming Madras HC as TN HC

The Tamil Nadu assembly on Monday unanimously passed a resolution asking the central government to rename the Madras high court as Tamil Nadu high court and not as Chennai high court.

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa moved the resolution which was welcomed by the main Opposition DMK, besides other parties, including Congress.

The resolution was adopted unanimously after members spoke on the appropriateness of renaming Madras High Court as Tamil Nadu High Court.

Jayalalithaa said the then “chief minister C N Annadurai moved a resolution and it was passed by the assembly to change the name of Madras Presidency to Tamil Nadu. Following this, the state was renamed as Tamil Nadu from January 14, 1969.”

She also said the name of Madras city was changed to Chennai in 1996 and that is for the city alone. “Madras high court was set up by the British, and an Act was passed in 1861 by Queen Victoria. But since then states have been divided and each high court in that state is called by the state’s name,” said the chief minister.

Soon after the Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously passed the resolution, Jayalalithaa penned a letter to prime minister Narendra Modi, pressing the same demand.

“Based on overwhelming public opinion in Tamil Nadu, the proposed change of name was debated in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. After a detailed discussion, the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a Resolution on 1.8.2016, to call upon the Government of India to move necessary amendments to the Bill introduced in the Lok Sabha so as to rename the High Court of Madras as the High Court of Tamil Nadu for the reasons outlined in the Resolution,” she said.

“I request the Government of India to take immediate further action on the basis of the Resolution”, she added.