As students fall during Bus Day celebrations in Chennai, cops launch crackdown

A group of college students in Chennai celebrated ‘Bus Day’ and climbed on top of a bus in huge numbers. In a shocking video that has gone viral, these students can be precariously sitting on the bus roof and dangling from handles.

This resulted in over 20 students falling from the moving MTC bus. One of the youth has suffered grievous injuries and the police have started a crackdown against the wrong-doers.

The students of Pachaiappa’s College in Chennai climbed atop the bus to celebrate ‘Bus Day’. Police took some students into custody.

Over time, the celebrations have turned into a nuisance for the public with students forcing the driver to drive the vehicle very slowly, thereby blocking the traffic on busy roads.

Raja, Kilpauk Assistant Commissioner of Police said that out of the 17 students arrested by the police on Monday, nine were past students and the others were current students of the college.

The Madras High Court imposed a ban on the celebrations in 2011 owing to public nuisance and threat to road users. Despite the ban, however, students continue to indulge in it.

The police have registered cases under CrPC section 143, 290 Indian Penal Code and 41(VI) of MCP Act. Ten students of the college were named accused in the case for creating nuisance in public.