As complete lockdown comes into effect, cops implement strict measures

Right from this morning, as complete lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus came into effect in Chennai and neighbouring districts, the police have implemented stringent measures.

Vehicle checks are are being done across the city and suburbs and violators are being taken to task. The Chennai police have established 288 vehicle checkpoints and will deploy camera-fitted drones to effectively implement the complete lockdown from June 19 to 30.

City Police Commissioner A. K. Viswanathan said, “employees would not be allowed to travel daily to workplaces outside city limits.” Managerial and supervisory-level employees, who have been provided with an e-pass by the Industries Department, will alone be allowed to move in and out of city police limits.

As per the Government Order, autorickshaws and taxis will be allowed to ply only for medical purposes and to ferry passengers from railway stations and airports. Arterial roads such as Anna Salai can be used only for medical emergencies.

Pointing out to the rule specified by the state government about not allowing residents to use their vehicles to purchase essential items, he said that sufficient notice was given before the lockdown started and hence residents could have used the time to stock up whatever special items they would need.

“I request you to not take your two-wheelers and cars to go and buy essential items. They can buy it from the stores near their houses,” he said adding that residents can walk to the nearby stores.

He also urged shopkeepers selling essential items to adhere to the safety norms detailed by the government — regularly disinfecting premises, making sanitisers available for the customers, making sure there is physical distancing inside the shop and not using air conditioning — to make it safer for the people visiting the shop for purchase.