Aruvi producer apologises Vijay fans, priase from Shankar

Aruvi producer apologises Vijay fans, priase from Shankar

Vijay fans are unhappy with the recent critically acclaimed movie Aruvi, for there was also a scene where Vijay seems have been trolled a little.

Producer of the film, SR Prabhu, made an attempt to aplogize with his social media post stating the the intention of making Aruvi was to highlight love and humanity and not intended to hurt anybody.

However, he was trolled further by Vijay fans even after this apology.

Meanwhile, director Shankar has heaped praise on Aruvi.
Aruvi – A very good movie. Unmasks everything and everyone. Excellent work by Director Arun Prabhu, Adithi Balan and everyone performed very well”, he said.

Directed by Arun Prabhu Purushothaman, Aruvi has also registered a good opening in the ‘A’ centers.

There are criticisms too. Lakshmy Ramakrishnan mentioned that a film like Aruvi also is hurting a show that helps women voice their views and problems and she had appreciated Bollywood for making movies on heroes and not making spoofs, referring to Akshay Kumar’s Padman.