Arrest me, Simbu challenges police

Arrest me, Simbu challenges police

Simbu aka Silambarasan in his urgent press meet on Sunday sought the immediate release of Jallikattu protesters and fishermen, arrested by Chennai police on charges of indulging in violence.

“The victory attained by the students who protested for the Jallikattu issue is something remarkable and has to be celebrated. All those protesters who were arrested on the last day at Marina must be released,” he said.

He added: “Jallikattu must happen every year and we must foster our rich Tamil culture. If there is any problem and if there is another ban or if things don’t go smooth for Jallikattu, i will definitely protest again along with the people.”

He also charged that government authorities and police failed to explain the provisions of the ordinance passed in favor of Jallikattu and they did not allow time and space for celebrating the victory of Jallikattu protesters.

The youngsters did not start protesting because somebody asked them to and it was completely their decision to support our Tamil culture, he said.

“Had the Tamil Nadu government properly explained about its law removing the ban on Jallikattu, the violence would not have happened,” he said.