Are you aspiring to become a film lyricist? Here is a colourful contest by director Vasanthabalan to fulfil your dream

In memory of his friend and late poet Na. Muthukumar, director Vasanthabalan has announced a contest for aspiring lyricists. His statement in this regard follows:
The final phase works of ‘Jail’ are over and the film is waiting for release.
Following this, I am directing a film starring Arjun Das in the lead. It is being produced by
URBAN BOYZ STUDIOS, a production company that I have floated along with my school friends. G V Prakash Kumar is scoring the music for this movie.
There is a character and a few scenes in the film that would pay tribute to poet Na Muthukumar. I wonder whether it is a coincidence or because of the affection I have on my 25-year-old friend with whom I shared my birth date (July 12) and who fed me during the times when I was confined to my home.
As per the story, the female lead is a fan of Na Muthukumar who would listen to songs played on radio and sing them. She introduces Muthukumar’s works to the male lead and explains the meaning of his lines. He too gets attracted towards them.
When they meet again, the protagonist utters a line from a song penned by Muthukumar and the female lead promptly continues it with the next line. Thus, a song blossoms along with love.
I needed lyrics for this song and when I discussed the idea with friend and poet Kabilan, he said using Muthukumar’s lines would be apt for this song.
I too thought it would be the right thing to do. But Muthukumar has penned an ocean of poems and it is not an easy task to fill just one song from such a huge work, that too at a time when I am recovering from illness.
Hence, I would like to invite Muthukumar’s fans and young-aspiring lyricists to join hands with me in this big task. They could take lines from Muthukumar’s works, make slight changes to them and write lyrics for the song as per ‘sandham’.
The music director and I would select the most suitable one from the entries and use it in the film.
The one who compiled the lyrics from Na Muthukumar’s poems would get due recognition, honour and compensation at the audio launch event of the film.
Also, copyright compensation will be handed over to Muthukumar’s family.
Selected lines from the poems of Na Muthukumar can be sent to on or before 30 June 2021.