Aranganum Ammavum at Srirangam

Aranganum Ammavum at Srirangam

As informed by Sri Sundar Bhattar, Srirangam Temple

Srirangam is  known as Thiruvarangam is bounded by Cauveri River and Kollidam on other side. Srirangam is home to significant poplulant of Srivaishnavites.  Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is a major pilgrimage destination.  There are 21 magnificant prakaras providing unique visit to the visitors. The temple has seven prakaras with Gopurams.

Whenever our beloved Late Honourable Chief Minister Selvi J Jayalaitha comes to visit Srirangam Temple people would stand in groups on the both the sides of the road to see her.  She used to smile at the people and reaches the “Ranga Ranga Gopuravasal”  (entrance).

I have felt it many times whenever  she arrives here and once she get down from her car she changes in to a small child.

We were very surprised when Amma enquired and asked about the history of each and every mandapam and shrines inside the Srirangam Temple.

Once she came near the Karthigai Gopura Vasal, we informed her about the Greatness of “Om Namo Narayana”. She sat down opposite to Sri Ramanujar shrine  with Thulasimani Malai in her hand and started to recite “Om Namo Narayana” 108 Times. We were very much astonished.

Ones she reaches to seek the Divine Blessings of the Eternal Deity Lord Sri Aranganatha Perumal, starting from the feet of the Lord she admires and fells in love with Lord appearance. Finally her vision ends with Lord Thirumudi Adhiseshan.

Amma normally  will  have minimum 20 minutes darshan with the Eternal Deity and naturally we can see  tears falling from her eyes.

We have informed Amma that while you workship Lord Sri Ranganathar we are getting in our mind about “Thirupanalwar” who sung Amalanathipiran pasuram after worship of Lord Sri Renganathar.

Whatever slogas we recite to the deity she will listen and recite it without any mistakes.

Amma used to do Archana in the Thayar Sannathi with her favourite Sanbaga Flower.

Whenever she used to see me she calls me as Sundar.

Three years before myself and my wife Mrs Jayanthi went to Poes Garden to meet  and invite Amma for my daughter Miss Ranjini’s  wedding. After going through the invitation, she  informed us to bring the couples after the marriage.

As informed by Amma we went to the Poes Garden along with the newly married couples. She welcomed us happily, treated us very good and blessed the couples.

“Vaikundam Povathu Mannavar Vidhiyae” is Alwar’s saying. Amma has reached Vaikundam.


T Raghavan