AR Rahman's KM Music Conservatory students compositions shortlisted for the Oscars 2018

AR Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory students compositions shortlisted for the Oscars 2018

The 90th Academy Awards , coincide with the KM Music Conservatory entering the 10th year of its inception and in bringing forth its greatest strength via Qutub-e- Kripaa –a consummate creative platform especially initiated for the budding musicians of today and tomorrow.

Oscar’s Official Page, Original Scores in 2017 has short-listed the Hollywood film “Lake of Fire”-by the Production House , Qutub-e- Kripaa for the Best Original Score, from the extra ordinary musical sensibility of Director Fathima Rafiq along with Sachin Shankar Mannath Jerry Silvester Vincent and N.D Santhosh carrying forward the phenomenal legacy of the maestro AR Rahman himself. This film is produced by OMantra Films in Hollywood and Directed by Raj Thiru Selvan.

KM Music Conservatory is indeed proud and privileged at the debut success of three of its composers,short listed in the Best Original Song Category Oscars 2017, for the Academy Awards,2018.

For the following songs,

“ Have you Ever Wondered “by Jerry Silvester Vincent

“ I ‘ll be Gone” by A.H. Kaashif

and “We’ll Party All Night “ by N. D Santhosh.

Music at KM Music Conservatory has

become a cultural force that has flowed from the unbroken thread of dramatic traditions .Its gone past its boundaries and has unleashed ,to completely alter the face of the world music scene. It is the principal impetus for rapid musical change ,as western influences and forms integrate into the traditional music, thus enhancing the structure of Sounds in all areas of expression.