Apple cyberattack alert: Opposition corners govt.

From the Trinamool Congress’ Mahua Moitra to the Congress’ Shashi Tharoor, and Priyanka Chaturvedi of the Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray), several prominent Opposition politicians Tuesday said they had received the aforementioned warning from US-headquartered Apple.

The Union government has said it will investigate the allegations.

In a clarification, Apple said it does “not attribute the threat notifications to any specific state-sponsored attacker”, while stressing that state-sponsored attackers are very well-funded and sophisticated, and their attacks evolve over time.

“Detecting such attacks relies on threat intelligence signals that are often imperfect and incomplete. It’s possible that some Apple threat notifications may be false alarms, or that some attacks are not detected,” it added.

“We are unable to provide information about what causes us to issue threat notifications, as that may help state-sponsored attackers adapt their behaviour to evade detection in the future.”

On its website, the company states that the threat notifications are designed to “inform and assist users who may have been targeted by state-sponsored attackers”.

Apple says it has so far sent such threat notifications to individuals in nearly 150 countries.