Another lawyers steps in for Ramkumar, blames cops

Another lawyers steps in for Ramkumar, blames cops

Another lawyers steps in for Ramkumar, blames cops: After advocate G Krishnamurthy announced pulling out from Swathi murder case, another lawyer has now stepped into the scene.

He is S P Ramaraj, who claims he met accused Ramkumar in Puzhal prison with the consent of his parents. “I know Ramkumar’s family for many years. The entire family is traumatised now,” according to him.

Ramaraj, a 60-year-old former district judge now practising law, met Ramkumar at Puzhal central prison for about an hour from 4.30 pm on Wednesday. According to him, it was Swathi who asked him to come to Chennai, claimed the advocate.

This is contrary to the version put forth by the Chennai city police, who have been maintaining that the two had no direct connection. Police officials said there was no contact between Ramkumar and Swathi, not over phone or social media.

When I met Ramkumar in prison, four jail officials stood close to us, he said. He also said that Ramkumar did not indulge in suicide attempt and it was the police personnel who slit hit throat while arresting him at his native village in Tirunelveli district.

Meanwhile, advocate G Krishnamurthy who had appeared for Ramkumar before the Principal Sessions Court seeking bail withdrew from the case after questions were raised whether he was formally chosen by the client. He made this announcement on his social media space.

He said in his Facebook post: “I am always engaged by young lawyers to argue their case. I am paid 1000 or 500. I do my best only to uplift the career of budding advocates. I trained more than 400 advocates.” Stating that he spends 50 per cent of his income from the past 35 years of his practice to schools, temples and church. I am only advocate defending Muslim women to get maintenance. At last we both (he and his junior) decided to desist from appearing for Ramkumar only on the ground of technicality.”