Anitha gets eliminated from Bigg Boss

Anitha Sampath has become the tenth contestant to be evicted from Kamal Haasan’s show.
Anitha entered the house on day 1 and was evicted on day 84 after a stint of 12 weeks in the house.
Anitha wasn’t too sad to leave the house. Anitha informed the housemates to not damage the piggy bank (Hundial) and pack it safely while sending her materials.
Bigg Boss called Anitha and said that she has followed all the rules while being in the house. She should continue the same and break the piggy bank before leaving the house.
Anitha said she was emotionally attached to the piggy bank as she personified it as her hubby Prabhakaran.
 As Anitha was adamant, Bigg Boss ordered the captain Balaji Murugadoss to break her piggy bank. Before leaving the house, Anitha made an announcement of exit like a piece of news.
Finally, Bigg Boss wished Anitha all the best before her exit. Anitha was shown the video compilation of her journey in the house. Later, she was offered a chance to share her last messages to the housemates.