Anirudh reacts to 'viral video', says it's not him

Anirudh reacts to ‘viral video’, says it’s not him

Music composer Anirudh was trending in the social media since last afternoon, after a video, in which a man resembling him was seen sharing intimate moments with a woman, went viral.

However, the Kathi and Vedhalam composer has issued a clarification on his social media page, that it was not him.

“People who are doing this, please get a life and an eye-checkup,” the hot and happening music director posted on Twitter.

Also, sources close to the music composer deny that the guy featured in the video is a look-alike and anyone who, personally knows Anirudh can easily find out the difference.

Months ago, Anirudh was caught in ‘Beep song’ controversy. Before that, his intimate pictures with a popular actress got leaked in the social media.