Aneethi movie review


Arjun Das works as a  food delivery agent in Chennai. He is suffering from a mental illness that makes him to kill anyone that he sees.

Arjun falls in love with Dushara Vijayan who works as an aide in a house which is run by an old woman.

His intention to kill people slowly recedes after he starts getting along with Dushara.

One day the old woman dies in a mysterious way, what happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director Vasantha Balan has once again touched upon the life of the common people.

He shines with his screenplay which is very close to reality without much theatrics.

The director speaks about how the rich treat the poor in an indepth manner.

Arjun Das has played a complex role with ease and is able to carry the movie throughout.

He shines in the scenes where he expresses anger and bursts out.

Dushara Vijayan resembles the role of the girl next door. The second half has several emotional scenes for her character and she has delivered it with conviction.

Kaali Venkat who appears in a brief role creates a huge impact.

Rest of the cast have performed their roles well.  Music by G V Prakash adds the much needed momentum to the proceedings.

AM Edwin Sakay’s camerawork is impressive.

Rating: 3.4/5