Andrea’s double impact

Andrea Jeremiah, perhaps for the first time, is playing a dual role in ‘Maaligai’. While one is that of a police officer, the other is that of a princess.

The movie’s director Dil Sathya says, “Maaligai is a mix of action, fantasy and horror genres. Andrea’s princess character will come in the fantasy portion. It will run for more than an hour.”

Stating that the flashback portions are set 400 years ago, he says the story is about cop Andrea going to a palace to carry out a particular investigation, but she learns something else there.

Kannada actor Karthik Jayaram is making his debut in Kollywood with this movie. ‘Maaligai’ also has Ashutosh Rana, K S Ravikumar, Mano Bala, ‘Jangiri’ Madhumitha and Telugu comedian Ali in key roles.