Andrea finds an interesting route to handle stress

Andrea Jeremiah has revealed that she always finds solace reading books when the real world becomes a bit too much to handle.

“Are you a #bookworm 🐛? Cos I am 🤓 When the real world becomes a bit too much to handle, I always find solace between the pages of a book.. so I thought I’ll start a little #bookclub for all of you 📔,” she posted.

The actress-singer-theatre artiste said further: “Every month, I’m going to talk about a book that I’m reading 😌 This month’s read is ‘The Ice at the end of the World’ a fascinating look at #greenland and the inspiring stories of early #explorers who ventured onto the great ice sheet.”

The Vishwaroopam and Master star added: “But most importantly, it talks about how #climatechange and #globalwarming is affecting Greenland, and how that in turn will affect the rest of the world. Do type in and let me know what book you guys are reading at the moment 🌸 I will do another post soon and share a list of my favourite books & authors ❤️”

Andrea Jeremiah is known for her philanthropic work. During the coronavirus lockdown, she has been conducting live Instagram sessions through which she raises funds to help college students.

Recently, with the funds raised, she has gifted laptops to three college students. She wrote: “I’m of the firm belief that what your right hand gives, your left hand shouldn’t know of… but these are strange times, and we are all struggling to come to terms with it, and as a result, charitable thoughts & actions have become scarce… I am SO GRATEFUL to all the people who donated to this cause via my #instalive.”

She added: “For those of you who wish to learn more & donate to this cause, please DM @raghini.muralidharan I will continue to highlight charitable causes thru my #bake&sing sessions… each little bit counts, and together we can make a difference.”