Amy Jackson turns producer

Amy Jackson turns producer

Amy Jackson is no more just an actress, for she has turned a producer for a short film which is aimed at creating awareness on the cruelty towards animals.

Along with her friend, Amy Jackson is bankrolling the movie, which also discusses about preventive measures to ensure the safety of animals.

In a statement, the Madrasapattinam actress said, “We will shoot for the film soon. I will also be a part of it, though I won’t act in the film. I will be speaking about my experience of making the movie.”

She added: “It will have a few real stories. I believe that cruelty to animals is a serious issue and it’s important that it’s discussed more.”

Recently, Amy Jackson sustained injuries while shooting for an ad film in London.

According to sources, the incident happened when she had to run as part of the shoot. “She suffered sprain and fell down. She was rushed to a hospital, where doctors asked her to be on rest for a week,” sources said.

The British born actress returned to London only recently, after she completed the shoot of 2.0, which has Superstar Rajinikanth in the lead, in Chennai.