Amit Shah on Rajini Any good person is welcome to politics

Amit Shah on Rajini: Any good person is welcome to politics

BJP chief Amit Shah has said politics should not be left to politicians only and the BJP is open to all “good people”.

He said this days after Superstar Rajinikanth hinted at taking the political plunge. Shah, however, did not specify whether Rajinikanth would be given an invitation to join the BJP.

“We believe that any good person joining politics must be welcomed,” Shah said while responding to a question on speculation about Rajinikanth entering politics.

In every election since the Lok Sabha polls in 2014, the BJP had increased its mass base and has ended up winning most of them, Amit Shah said.

He was addressing the media to mark three years of the NDA government. The question of whether “achhe din”, the 2014 war cry of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have indeed arrived, is better addressed to the poor who are beneficiaries of the government’s schemes, he said.

He dismissed allegations that the government had not kept its promise of generating enough jobs, and was targeting opposition leaders through raids and searches.

“I believe that in these three years, several milestones have been crossed by the BJP-led government and the self-confidence of the people has gone up,” he said.