Ambani family embarks on Anna Seva ahead of the pre-wedding celebrations of Anant and Radhika

• In keeping with their long-standing tradition, the Ambani family has started Anna Seva (community food  service) in villages located around Reliance’s Jamnagar township, seeking blessings from the community  members for the pre-wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. The Anna Seva is set  to benefit 51,000 local residents and will continue for the next few days in villages in and around Jamnagar.

• Today, at Jogvad village near the Reliance township in Jamnagar, members of the Ambani family,  including Sh Mukesh Ambani, Sh Anant Ambani, Sushri Radhika Merchant, Sh Viren Merchant, Smt Shaila  Merchant, and Radhika’s grandmother, personally served traditional Gujarati dinner items to the  community from nearby villages and sought their blessings.

• After dinner, the attendees were also invited to the traditional folk music format Daayro and treated to a  captivating performance by noted Gujarati singer Kirtidan Gadhvi.

• The Ambani family upholds the age-old Indic dictum, ‘Manav seva hi Madhav seva’ – ‘Service to humanity  is service to God’. In the spirit of this principle, they have followed the tradition to commence every major  occasion in their family by providing for and serving people and reinforcing their commitment to the