Amala Paul turns producer

Amala Paul is all set to become a producer with Cadaver, her upcoming Malayalam film. She will be playing a forensic pathologist in the film directed by Anoop Panicker.

The movie is based on Kerala forensic surgeon B Umadathan’s experiences and the book Oru Police Surgeonate Ormakurippukal. Abhilash Pillai has written the script and he is also the director of the film.

Amala is planning to produce more films based on the box office of Cadaver. The actress is said to have discussed with Umadathan and also visited various places to research for her character in the film.

The actress said that the script came to her four years ago when it was still under works. “My manager Pradeep was following it up with them and one day he came and told me that he wanted to somehow produce the film, as he didn’t want to let it go out of our hands.

I also felt this is the kind of film I wanted to do and believed in. Considering the kind of large canvas, I took a call and decided to bankroll it myself.”

She added, “I resolve a complicated murder case and there are lot of layers in it. And most of my shoots are in mortuaries and hospitals.”

The actress was initially worried about her role as the average age of forensic department heads would be around 35 to 40. “I did a lot of research on the internet besides taking hands-on training with a popular doctor and a pathologist. I was travelling with him for few cases and just observed and followed them,” says the actress.