Amala Paul turns devotional during Navarathri

Amala Paul has turned spiritual and philosophical these days and the latest gem from the popular actress is about Navarathri.

“On the third day, Devi Chandraghata is the presiding Devi.She is worshipped for peace, tranquility and prosperity in life. She has a ‘chandra or half moon in her forehead in the shape of a ‘ghanta’ or bell,” she said.

“She is charming, has a golden bright complexion and rides a lion. She has ten hands, three eyes and holds weapons in her hands,” added the Mynaa and Deiva Thirumagal actress.

Amala, who is popular across south India, added: “She is the apostle of bravery and possesses great strength to fight in the battle against demons. Don’t make your mind the creator of maladies.”

“Make it an interpreter of your maladies. Use ancient practises like fasting, penance, and meditation to tame your mind. The single most important thing in life is peace; go at your own pace, but peace you must find!” stated Amala.

“My dearest moon children, join your hands and seek the blessings of the Devi and ask for unperturbed peace; for when you ask you shall receive in abundance. I invite you today to partake in my peace. Om Shanti,” she concluded.