Amala Paul talks about her panchakarma experience

The holistic ayurvedic treatment of Panchakarma is quite popular among fitness freaks these days and the latest to join the list of its beneficiaries is Amala Paul.

She said, “My dearest fam, you already know by now that my profile is a reflection of my life. In my unending journey towards becoming the best version of myself, both physically and mentally, I signed up for a healing process called the Panchakarma.”

The Aadai and Mynaa actress posted further: “In our fast-paced lives and western influence we seldom value the treasures of our ancestors. They’ve left behind a gold mine of information just waiting to be put into practise.

This treatment was a complete transformation, a story of purging and revival. It takes immense self-control and strength to go through this process, I am amazed with things the mind is capable of doing. Follow me along for the next few days as I take you along my experience of 180° transformation.”

Recently, she had revealed to her social media fans that she is reading Osho. Quoting a portion from the same, she said, “Jesus says to his disciples- Look at the lilies in the field. They toil not, they weave not, they spin not-yet even Solomon was not so beautiful as these poor lily flowers.

What is the beauty of the poor flower? It is in utter acceptance. It has no program in its being to improve. It is here now-dancing in the wind, taking a sunbath, talking to the clouds, falling asleep in the afternoon warmth, flirting with the butterflies…enjoying, being, loving, being loved.”

Amala Paul is quite active on social media and has been constantly sharing her daily routine with fans. On the occassion her father’s birthday, Amala Paul shared an adorable thowback picture of herself with parents. She also penned an emotional note expressing her love for him.

Amala Paul wrote, “Pappa me and Jithu have never known you so much like we do today in our lives. I have two wishes on your birthday. First wherever you are right now and in whichever form, me mom and jithu wish you the best happiness, bliss, peace and all your wishes are granted. Second wish for me is that when we cross our paths in this lifetime or any life times pls give me the guidance to recognise you. I want to tell you something.”

She added: “Little Amala misses you a loooooootttttt. We will never be a complete family without you pappa.. WE MISS YOU. Happy birthday pappa!”