Allegations against Vikram denied

Allegations against Vikram denied

Federation of Indian Associations NY NJ CT, which organised the India Day Parade recently, has denied charges made against Vikram by journalist.

In a statement, it said, “FIA is grateful and extremely thankful to Mr. Chiyaan Vikram for being a part of India Day Parade .Even though he had a very busy schedule with his film slated to release next week, he enthusiastically agreed to be part of this event not as an actor or a South Indian but as a proud Indian.

He also appreciated the opportunity this event afforded to interact with Indians based in the US. He made our event a huge success and we are thankful to him for that.

We were shocked to see a recent vituperative social media post by Mr. Prakash M Swamy,and we would like to categorically state that nothing in that post is true but rather a figment of his imagination.

And we would like to add that Mr.Vikram was invited as a guest of honor by FIA and Times Network only, and Mr. Prakash had nothing to do with it or the event.

We understand Mr.Vikram has been greatly pained by this malicious post .We reiterate that Mr.Swamy’s post has malicious content that should be condemned and ignored.

FIA Chairman ,Executive Committee & BOT.”

In his post, Swamy said, We are disappointed with you Vikram. We did not invite you to New York to be disrespectful to Indians, keep talking on cell phone and do texting without greeting your fans and friends while on the float.”

Swamy added: “He exhibited arrogant behavior laced with attitude when even his co-star Abishek Bachchan was down to earth friendly and shook hands with all his fans.”