Akka Kuruvi movie review


Deva and his sister Sarah are the children of a poor father.

Despite his poverty, he makes the children study in convent school. One day Sarah’s shoe gets torn and Deva takes it to get it stitched.

While returning, he keeps the shoe outside a provisional store and goes inside to buys rice. While returning from the shop, he is not able to find the shoe.

Since his father will not be able to afford a new pair of shoes and fearing that he will beat him. Deva asks his sister to wear his shoes and go to school.

After, she returns from the school, he wears the same pair of shoes to his school. Deva saves money to buy a new pair of shoes for his sister Sarah.

Meanwhile, there is a separate love track involving Harris and Meenakshi.

Was Deva able to buy a new pair of shoes for his sister, What happened to Harris and Meenakshi’s love forms the rest of the story.


Master Mahin and Baby Divya have lived as Deva as Sarah.

The scenes involving Mahin and Divya are all so touching.

Especially when Divya runs all the way from her school to give the shoes to her brother, and Mahin runs to his school which is 5 kms from his house are all very emotional.

Director Saamy has made the story based on the Iranian flick ‘ Children of Heaven’.

However, he has added regional flavour to the proceedings making it appealing to the target audience.

The way he has handled such an emotional subject is commendable.

Ilayaraja’s music is one of the major strength of the movie.

There is not one scene in which the maestro does not make his mark.

The love track between Harris and Meenakshi does not hinder the flow of the original plot.

Utpal V Nayinar’s camera has captured Kodaikanal beautifully.

Rating: 3.5/5