Ajith delivers strong message to fans & sorry to others

Ajith has issued an unconditional apology for hurting any sentiments and online trolling. He has asked his fans not to do such things.

The actor’s legal team sent out a press statement, in which it has been said that he is not linked to any political party, brand or organisation.

“While our client is not affiliated with any political party (regional or national) and exercises his right to vote based on his personal political leanings, has neither made these views public nor seeks to influence the views of anyone including his fans, the statement said.

It added: “Currently, our client does not commercially endorse any brand, product, corporation, or association.”

While our client is thankful and grateful to his genuine fans, followers, film journalists, critics and the general public who have supported him through the years, our client prefers not to have any official fan clubs, it stated.

Our client does not have any official page or account on any social media platforms, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

However, there are a few unauthorized self-proclaimed individuals, groups and associations, passing off their personal views and opinions on social and political issues under the guise and likeness of our client, through the unauthorized use of our client’s name and image, the statement added.