AIADMK slams Rajini for supporting Sarkar

AIADMK slams Rajini for supporting Sarkar

The ruling AIADMK’s mouthpiece ‘Namathu Puratchi Thalaivi Amma’ today hit out at superstar Rajinikanth for coming out in the support of Vijay’s Sarkar.

Even as AIADMK men protested against Sarkar for its alleged controversial scenes against the government and former CM Jayalalithaa, Rajini posted a tweet in support of the movie.

“After the Censor Board approved the film and released it, demanding certain scenes to be removed and damaging the film banners are unlawful acts. I strongly condemn this,” he said. Earlier, Kamal Haasan and others tweeted in support of the movie’s team.

Today’s issue of ‘Namathu Puratchi Thalaivi Amma’ questioned Rajinikanth’s statement on how demands for removal of scenes from a film certified by the censor board could be made.

“Top star, give a frank response. If you find a lizard inside a packed food product that has all certifications, will you throw it away or consume it saying it has the required certifications,” it said.

The newspaper asked Rajini to advise the film’s director, AR Murugadoss, and not defend a mistake” by showing the censor certificate.

Even if a misinformation in a film passed the censor test, it has to be stopped, it said in an apparent defence of the protests against the scenes and the demand for their removal.