After translation backfired once again, Rahul takes help from DMK

It was Thangkabalu in a different form for Rahul Gandhi today. For, it was action replay for the Congress president, except that the contributor to his perils was a different person, as he began his second leg of campaigns in the State today.

After the debacle that occurred with former TNCC president K V Thangkabalu, due to his mis-translation and the ensuing memes about the Nagercoil speech in social media, the party had changed the translator.

This time, it was the turn of a retired professor Palanidurai of Madurai Gandhigram University. Rahul Gandhi was in for a surprise again as the retired professor spewed out words that were not said in English by Rahul.

Rahul slammed the Modi led-BJP government for indulging in hate politics against the people of the state and claimed he would launch a surgical strike on poverty if brought to power.

“BJP wanted to indulge in hate politics against the people of Tamil Nadu. Without love, we cannot win the hearts of the people of this state,” he added.

“Make in India is an empty slogan by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Wherever we look we see made in China. In the last five years, PM Narendra Modi ran a government for 15 people, and you know the names These are Anil Ambani, Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi and they are Mr Modi’s friends,” he said.

Rahul added: “We will never ever let the people of Tamil Nadu be ruled by Nagpur. Tamil Nadu is going to be ruled from Tamil Nadu and MK Stalin is going to be the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.”