After supporting Amala Paul, Vishnu Vishal now supports his dad.

Last week, soon after Amala’s statement on producers, Vishnu Vishal tweeted that some of the producers treat actors badly and he also tempted to talk about such things.

And now, he has heaped laurels on his father Ramesh Kudawla IPS officer, who worked as Director-General of Police of Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services, and retired on Sunday.

“32 years of public service…i hav seen my dad touch so many lives..As he retires today im so so proud of himthank u god n thank u evryone who has been of great support in this journey..” he said.

Vishnu Vishal added: “The first pic he took with his uniform n the last day at office with his grandson:)memorable.I aspire to be just 10 percent of him..that itself wil make me a good human(people who know him wil agree with me)”

“I cant wait to share his stories with this world thru cinema..A REAL LIFE HERO..He starts his new journey today…Need all ur wishes”, he concluded.

Vishnu Vishal, Amala Paul’s co-star in Ratsasan, posted last week: “Happy to see an actor speak up…Numerous times it so happens that actors are the ones who are at ‘fault’ by ‘default’ …Ive been tempted so many times to share how badly i was treated by a number of producers but then v still giv them the respect as a ‘Modhalaali’ :)”

“But like the coin has two sides , so does cinema…Ive workd with some really good n wonderful producers as well:)But its high time we speak up against the injustice done to us actors as well , emotionally n proffessionally n physically :)” he said.

In her statement, Amala came down heavily on the producers of Vijay Sethupathi’s new film for deciding to replace her after watching the teaser of Aadai in which she was seen nude.