Adyar bank robbery: Two more arrested

Chennai Police today detained two persons for aiding the main accused, Manish Kumar, in the sensational bank robbery at Adyar last afternoon.
Sources said that two men including Premkumar, a roommate of the accused, were detained in connection with the case.
In what seemed like a sequence from an action thriller, a 22-year-old man robbed an Indian Bank branch of Rs 6 lakh at gunpoint in Adyar Monday afternoon.
After the ‘successful’ heist, the robber had come out and hopped on his two-wheeler that he had parked just outside the branch and rode away. But he was caught by members of the public and police personnel after a chase.
Only around six customers were inside the bank as the man had entered during the start of the lunch hour.
Mohanraj, 26, a customer held at gunpoint during the stick-up, helped nab the robber, Manish Kumar, of Bihar, giving chase and ramming his motorcycle with his own bike at a traffic signal 500m from the bank.
Police investigating the gunpoint robbery of an Indian Bank branch in Adyar on Monday said that the accused, Manish Yadav, hailed from Bihar and believe that he was motivated simply by a desire to get rich.