Advocates protest: CJ says disciplinary rules in abeyance, expresses pain

Advocates protest: CJ says disciplinary rules in abeyance, expresses pain

A massive agitation by lawyers against conduct rules for advocates that the High Court issued in May following a Supreme Court directive, appears to have achieved its objective.

Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, Sanjay Kishan Kaul, said on Tuesday that the rules would be held in abeyance for the time being.

Kaul said: “When the full court (comprising all judges of the high court) passed a resolution that no action will be taken on the amended rules, it means nothing but keeping the rules in abeyance. There is no need that a separate order has to be passed again.”

Stating that there was no recognised leadership in the Bar, Chief Justice Kaul further observed that it pained him when people would come to his chamber and say one thing and say something else when they go out.

Pointing out again that the rules were framed only on the basis of a Supreme Court order, the Chief Justice said, “The rules were not brought suddenly and if the apex court had stated that the high court need not make amendments, I may not have done it.”

“Your apprehension is that action will be initiated as per rules. But the effect of the full court resolution, and subsequent clarification to that, is very clear that no action will be taken against any advocate under the amended rules. There is no need for any separate order when the meaning is very clear,” the bench said, while hearing a PIL filed by advocate Kasi Ramalingam seeking that the rules be kept in abeyance till installation of CCTV cameras on court campus is completed.