ADP India extends support for COVID-19 vaccination for all employees and family members

Taking a step further to ensure better healthcare facilities for its associates, ADP India has announced that it will sponsor the COVID-19 vaccines for all its employees. ADP considers associates, as well as their family members, a part of its extended family, therefore including them – children and parents of the associates in the scheme. As a part of this initiative, ADP will cover the cost of the total vaccine for over 50,000 beneficiaries in India spread across Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai along with over 10,000 beneficiaries in the Philippines. The company has always prioritized the safety and wellbeing of associates over business. During the pandemic, ADP India introduced work-from-home and grocery delivery measures to ensure that associates and their families are safe and healthy avoiding any shortage of essentials.

Under this ‘COVID Vaccine Special Benefit’, ADP associates and their immediate dependents will be reimbursed the cost of both doses of the COVID-19 vaccinations. Associates and dependents who are already vaccinated can also avail this benefit. The benefit is also not lapse-able or time-bound as eligibility criteria for the vaccine does not include all age-groups at the moment as per the prescribed government rules. 

“Our employees and their families are at the core of who we are as an organization. In the 21 years of our presence in India and our journey from 102 to 10,000+ employees, this initiative will be the biggest commitment towards our people that we will fulfill. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have attempted to give our best not just to our associates but also to our communities. I am happy to announce this initiative for our ADP family and take pride in our continued focus on providing industry-best health benefits for the wellbeing of our ADP family. Through this COVID benefit, ADP hopes to aid in the Government of India’s vaccination efforts, urging all to battle covid together with compassion for a better tomorrow”, said Dr. Vipul Singh, Divisional Vice President, and Head HR at ADP India. 

Over the last decade, ADP has consistently served the community through its employee-driven and leadership-led community empowerment initiatives. Their MIDAS (Making Impactful Difference at School) program benefitted more than 46,000 lives in FY 2020. During the lockdown, ADP India employees along with the company raised contributions worth INR 51 Lakhs towards PM Cares Fund. ADP India’s CSR wing Tarang is actively supported by all employees, supplying essential kits to more than 300 daily wage workers in Hyderabad and Pune amid the lockdown.