Adah Sharma talks about nepotism and the perks of not being a star kid

Adah Sharma, who is popular in Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood (Idhu Namma Aalu and Charlie Chaplin 2), has something to say about nepotism, which is currently the hot topic of discussion on social media.

However, instead of listing perks of being a star kid, Adah had a completely different take on it. Instead of listing perks of being a star kid, Adah had a completely different take on it.

Titling her post as ‘The Benefits of NOT being a star kid’, she wrote as follows:

“in Allllll my interviews im asked my take on Nepotism and Star Kids…we are always talking about the struggle ,but here are some perks of being a non star kid.

1)Getting the opportunity to stand in long audition lines leading to long toned legs.

2)Getting free bonus acting classes with real life experience of a rollercoaster of emotions like rejection and dejection.

3)A chance to do a big banner film andyet be invisible on the poster ! No name also full incognito!

4)To not be included in promotions of a film . so you can practice sulking and crying expressions at home(tab Hasee toh nahi aae 😜).

Look at star kid cat Radha Sharma @adah_ki_radha …she had to loose 10 kgs ,it’s only been a year since she’s born and she has to deal with all this fame uffffff!
The Struggle is Reel, Really !🙃🙃 Repost : @vidyutjamwalion.s (video cred) p.s.I don’t have a God Father but I think God is on my side ♥️ I got to do horror,action,romance,drama,comedy all in one film,my debut 1920.”

Adah Sharma has resumed work after the stringent lockdown.  She has shot for a commercial for a coffee brand. She says it was like going to a battlefield.

Sharing a photo of her with the full protective gear on, she tweeted: “Back on set! my first shoot after the lockdown”s lifted. shooting for an ad commercial, with a crew of less than 20 people all sanitised with masks and shields. it feels like we”re going on a battlefield but we”re all on the same side, all of us against CORONA! sharing videos. stay tuned.”