Actress Bhavya Trikha Press Release and Stills

Bhavya Trikha – the name every youngster in this part of the state has been chanting ever since the release of Joe, a successful film that was released during the fag end of the year 2023.
A Punjabi girl born in Tamilnadu, her linguistic command over Tamil is much appreciated.  Though inclined towards acting in earlier stages, she still pursued her interest in academics and completed a Master’s in Digital Marketing.

“I always had a desire to act ever since I was a kid. My father is a great support to me. I developed my interest in Tamil by watching more and more Tamil films. As I was contemplating the idea of acting I got the opportunity to act in a film called Kathir. I thought it could be only a film affair, my but friends forced me to continue and I went to it for the audition for the film Joe. Glad, I passed the audition and was extremely happy when the film went out to become a big hit and gave me the identity that I wanted. I realize how much success could change the day-to-day life of an ordinary girl. People recognize me and speak to me. This elite me. There are plenty of inquiries to act and I am very choosy too and I am conscious enough to see that I don’t lose the recognition that Joe has given to me. I am a great fan of Actress Samantha because she had grown up to great heights in many languages without a proper background or support. She is my inspiration”.  It is to be noted that Bavya  Trikha   made a debut as a child model in an A2B advertisement. The days are not long before she would be a dominating force in the Tamil film industry.