Actor Vishal launches 100 free Heart Surgeries Initiative for Children

Actor Vishal launches 100 free Heart Surgeries Initiative for Children

Actor Vishal is seen with the Children who are benefitted through “Heart to Heart” initiative. Dr. Prem Sekar, Dr. Prashanth Shah, Kauvery Hospital, Vikas Bhootra, Chairman, MART 100, members of Round Table 100 and Kauvery Hospital Team are present.

“HEART TO HEART”, a unique initiative between Madras Anchorage Round Table 100 (MART 100) and Kauvery Hospital, was formally launched by Actor Vishal. The plan is to facilitate 100 Heart Surgeries every year for underprivileged children with heart ailments, below the poverty line.

Dr. Prem Sekar, Senior Paediatric Interventional Cardiologist, Kauvery Hospital said, “So far, the program has successfully saved the lives of 31 Children from ages 1 to 15, the parents cannot afford to bear the cost of surgeries. Some of these children had just 50% chances of survival, but thanks to the dedicated doctors and team from Kauvery Hospitals, all the surgeries have been successful.”

Dr. Prashanth Shah, Senior Consultant Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Kauvery Hospital said, “The Children are given end-to-end professional care at Kauvery Hospital and it is totally free for them. The team from Kauvery Hospital regularly conducts Medical Camps at various cities and towns of Tamil Nadu and neighboring States to identify the children in need of immediate surgery after which these children are facilitated for the surgery through this unique and noble project.”

Actor and Producer Vishal said, “I am extremely happy and delighted to be associated with such a humanitarian and Heart touching project and it is rightly called “Heart to heart”. I have met a few of the families of the Children who have undergone surgeries and to say the least. This is God’s work done through human beings.”

According to Vikas Bhootra, Chairman, MART 100, “ROUND TABLE INDIA is an organization of young achievers in the age group of 18-40 driven by our aims and objects of community service, self-development, fellowship and fostering international relations. We are very happy to be associated in this project which helps poor children not only to survive but to grow healthy. We plan to do 100 surgeries every year at an outlay of approximately Rs. 25 Lakhs.