Actor Karunakaran on “Jiivi”

The singularity of being able to swap between hilarious and character roles has distinguished Karunakaran as a prominent actor in K-Town. With scrutinizing efforts over choosing the best and different scripts-roles, Karunakaran has now become the favourite of masses not alone for his humorous appeal, but as a character artiste as well. Having played an important role in “Jiivi” scheduled for June 28 release, the actor has something interesting to share about the film. 

“I happened to come across “Jiivi’ when Big Print Karthikeyan suggested me to hear the script while shooting for Kalavu. On the hearing the narration, I was very much spellbound as I came across lots of fresh elements. It would be a stereotypical statement if I say it’s a different and unique film. Precisely, the film has a genuine story, which occurred to me like first-of-its-kind. What’s more appreciable is that despite the film having a complex premise, it has been neatly presented with simplified narration making sure that it engrosses the universal audiences. When the story was narrated to me, the concept of ‘Human Connectivity’, which happens to be the major backdrop excited me a lot and I thoroughly enjoyed the process, where the script was being materialized into visual medium.I am glad I had an opportunity to work with this team and very happy to work with Rohini Mam once again thank audiences for their support to new concepts” 

Evidently, actor Karunakaran has now become a great asset in many movies for his hilarious roles. While the trailer of “Jiivi” looks more like a complicated and serious drama, how well can we expect his humour in this film? He reverts with clarity saying, “Jiivi is a thriller film laced with some surprise elements. It does have some humour in accordance to the situational context, but with limitations. Naturally, these days, audiences have started looking up for unique contents and we are urged by their interests to deliver something different from one film to the other.” 

While Babu Tamizh has written the script, VJ Gopinath has wielded the megaphone for “Jiivi”, which is produced by M. Vellapandian, V. Sudalaikan Vellapandian and V. Subramaniam Vellapandian for Vetrivel Saravana Cinemas. Vetri, Monica Chinnakotla, Ashwin Chandrashekar, Rohini, Karunakaran, Rama, Mime Gopi, Thangadurai and few others will be seen prominent characters. The technical crew comprises of KS Sundaramurthy (Music), Praveen Kumar (Cinematography) and Praveen KL (Editing).