Actor Karthi’s 25th film ‘Japan’ will appeal to the interests of international audiences.

’Japan will be an International film with local flavour’ – Actor Karthi

Actor Karthi’s 25th film ‘Japan’, directed by Raju Murugan is gearing up for release in November marking the festive occasion of Diwali. The film will be simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

Actor Karthi says, “The film is a crime thriller and revolves around the concept of manhunt. However, the strong characters and intense drama will leave a deep impact on the audiences laced with lots of entertainment elements.”

Dream Warrior Pictures, one of the most reputed production houses of South Indian industry, is producing this movie, and critically-acclaimed filmmaker Raju Murugan is directing it.

Actor Karthi adds, “What attracted me instantly towards the film is the bold heroic and entertaining character of the protagonist, and my earnest desire to work with Raju Murugan. I am a great fan of his previous works ‘Cuckoo’ and ‘Joker’. Besides, his understanding and recognition of our culture and lifestyle is so appreciable.”

The top-league actor admits that he was spellbound over Raju Murugan’s brilliancy in crafting the story of ‘Japan’ based on his essays that encapsulated life, romance, friendship, and alcoholic issues. “Japan has potential to attract the interests of global audiences. This was the reason behind having Ravi K Varman as the cinematographer for this movie. We believed that his visual vision will escalate the value of this film, and he has done that magic without any compromises. It’s an international film with a local flavour,” says actor Karthi.

“It’s a rare case to see sibling brothers to be a part of the acting profession at the same time. So, everyone has been constantly asking me, when myself and elder brother Suriya will be sharing the screen together. Both of us are listening to many scripts and are waiting for the right one that will suit us. Earlier, I used to be quite reluctant and little afraid if it would work out well. But now I am confident, and both of us will work together soon in the future,’ says Karthi.

Following Japan, actor Karthi has completed shooting 50% of his upcoming movie, directed by Nalan Kumarasamy, He will soon start working on a new project directed by Prem Kumar of ’96’ fame.

(Excerpts from the recent interview of actor Karthi).