Actor Dheeraj on Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari

From being a reputed surgeon and well acclaimed for his colossal professional accomplishments, actor Dheeraj has garnered groovy welcome for his onscreen debut as an actor through ‘Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari’, especially for his performance in visual promos and unusually appealing show in ‘Virgin Stoner’ song. Well, these constituents have ensured that he has something more to offer with the full feature version scheduled for release on this Friday (July 12). 

“To be honest, I was completely unsure about such a reception and to see positive response, I am really excited and at same time have butterflies in my stomach to know how audience will take my performance with full feature,” smilingly says Dheeraj, who opines about his transformation into an actor from a surgeon, “I wouldn’t claim this to be a transformation for a being surgeon has given me good identity. Yes, I wanted to try something different and had a passion for acting from my school days. Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari isn’t just about my long run dream coming true, but my friends in the team as well. Chandru has been my friend across years and I’ve known his passion for filmmaking. Apparently, we worked together in few short films and after gaining some confidence in our respective arenas, decided to make a full length feature movie.” 

The journey of BYBM from its inception of skeleton script to the final product has been so special for the actor. “Naturally, every team feels the same with their respective movies, but for newcomers like us, to see the project getting shaped up gradually with the inclusion of each and every artiste-technician was more like our project getting beauteous decorations one by one.” 

Talking about his co-stars, “Precisely, most of them are well experienced than me. Be it Pradaini, Dushara or Arjun, they have been facing camera for a very long time and their confidence is very much strong. All that I can say is everyone has been patient and supportive for me. If not for Balasubramaniem sir, this would have not been possible. He has been the major backbone and mentor in getting our entire project shaped. KP and every technician in the film have been the pillars.” 

Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari is bankrolled by Sreenidhi Sagar for Rise East. The film has Dheeraj, Pradaini and Dushara in the star-cast alongside Radharavi, Charlie, Arjun and many others. KP has composed music for this film with Balasubramaniem handling cinematography.