Actor-activist Veera Santhanam passes away

Actor Veera Santhanam, who is also the master of semi-figurative paintings and a strong supporter of the Sri Lankan Tamil cause, died in Chennai on Thursday. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.
Santhanam, a renowned painter whose works had been exhibited across the country at many popular galleries since 1982, was 71.
According to sources, he had been unwell for the last few years and has been on and off in hospitals.
He worked closely with all Tamil Nationalist groups and participated in protests in support of the Sri Lankan Tamil cause. He had also acted in a few films.
He tried his luck in the silver screen by donning character roles in films like Vijay-starrer Kathi. The late actor will be best remembered for his activism and had raised his voice for Tamils on several issues.
Noted painter Marudhu, a friend of Santhanam, said, “We are all the students of great master Dhanapal. While we studied in Chennai, he went to the art school in Kumbakonam.”