Aathmika’s fitting reply to online troller

Actress of Aathmika of Meesaya Murukuu fame, is currently expecting the release of Aravind Swamy-starrer Naragasooran and Kaatteri, in which she has played key roles.

Recently, she was trolled by an online user who posted her image along with a collage with Vivek, Vadivelu and Chiyaan Vikram’s effeminate look as part of a Women’s Day greeting.

Reaching out to him, she said, “Dear brother, First of all I’m so glad that you are comparing me with these legends in the picture. Grateful ! And secondly, this response is not only to you but to people with similar mindsets.

Do you think I feel bad looking at this picture or I feel funny? I neither felt both. I feel bad for you, the way you have been conditioned from your childhood to understand how a man and woman should exactly look.. brother, it doesn’t really matter!

Infact I’m so curious to know how physically beautiful you are. Even if you’re a Hrithik Roshan lookalike, I still feel you are an ugly person because you don’t have a beautiful heart.”

She concluded: “You seek happiness in hurting others. I just pray for you to heal and understand.”