A request from Rajamouli

A request from Rajamouli

With Kannada associations threatening to ban SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Bahubali 2-the conclusion, a ‘shaken’ Rajamouli made a fervent appeal to Kannadigas on Twitter to ensure the movie is released.

Rajamouli released a video appeal on Facebook to all Kannadigas to allow the film to be released.

Pro-Kannada groups had taken exception to comments allegedly made by actor Sathyaraj in relation to the Cauvery issue some years ago.

According to these groups, Sathyaraj had allegedly referred to Kannadigas as dogs. However, it is not known exactly when and where this comment was allegedly made.

Rajamouli has requested the protestors to allow the sequel of Baahubali to release smoothly in the state. He said that Sathyaraj’s alleged comments were not an issue all these years, and that several of the actor’s films including Baahubali have released in the state in the past.

The director asked the protestors to not drag his film into the controversy since Sathyaraj is neither the director or producer of the film and is only playing a part as a cast member.

Rajamouli has urged all film lovers people to support the film. The film is all set for a world-wide release on April 28.